Feature Films

Breezeblock Productions have made two feature films: DOORWAYS (2014) and MY SAVIOUR that is due for release in 2016. Work has begun on an as yet untitled feature that is scheduled for pre-production in the coming year.

Video & Media Production

We don’t just make films, we also specialise in creative video and media production; whether you’re a band looking for your next music video or a business looking for a promo, we will provide you a bespoke service offering nothing but high end production.

Web Design

Introducing our new Web Design services; we create modern, dynamic, content rich web sites and offer various different packages and price plans. We can build sites that you can edit and update yourself or you can leave the administration and maintenance to us. We can also offer you many other services including Business email and establish your online presence.

Breezeblock Services

  • Video Production
  • Video and sound editing
  • Colour Correction, grading and restoration
  • Sound and music design
  • Visual Effects
  • Web Design
  • Content creation and management
  • Graphic and print design
  • Photography
  • Showreels
  • Image restoration

Who we are

Breezeblock Productions Ltd is a feature film production company based on the South coast of England. We love film and are obsessed with motion pictures. We have produced the feature film DOORWAYS which was adapted from Steven Murphy’s stage play of the same name. Whilst our debut entered the festival circuit we have produced our second feature MY SAVIOUR which is now half way through post production.

It is important for us to inspire film-makers of all ages to get out there and make their own films, to follow their hearts and not be held back by lack of confidence or money; to make them feel that with hard work, they can realise their dreams by turning them into reality.

So much knowledge and experience has been gained during the making of our first two features and we want to share what we know.

We also work in conjunction with businesses and councils to produce short videos/films to help promote them for optimum exposure.

Our Mission

Breezeblock Productions Ltd is the home of thought provoking entertainment that inspires, challenges, questions, uplifts and captivates.

Through compelling films we aim to entertain while questioning the many elements that make us human through the use of comedy, suspense, action, romance or horror.


Breezeblock Productions want to inspire film makers of any age.

Maybe older people who have always thought about it but for various reasons lacked the know how or confidence to make that leap and who now feel they have missed their opportunity.

Well you haven’t. You can do it.

Or maybe younger people who dream about film, but who again maybe through lack of confidence or constraints at home, fear that they can’t get into the film world.

Well you can. You can do it.

People should feel inspired to know that with a little bit of talent and a whole load of passion that they can achieve their goals at any age, no matter what ANYBODY says.


STEVEN MURPHY won a writing scholarship with a director from THE NATIONAL THEATRE and an acting scholarship with NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY after his play DOORWAYS.

This gave him the confidence and inspiration to make the leap and just jump straight in and direct both films from his screenplays with no prior experience or guidance.

JONATHAN CIARDINI has taught himself all the relevant technical avenues that are needed to create a feature film, including Sound and Editing.

MARK BAGGOTT worked as Assistant Director on both MY SAVIOUR & DOORWAYS. He also Produced MY SAVIOUR with Steven Murphy.

As was said above, everything was learned through a love and passion of cinema and knowledge that was self taught through books, websites, commentaries and the best experience of all, just getting on and doing it.

MY SAVIOUR Official Trailer 2015

High End Production

We offer an all round quality service, using the latest equipment and software, bringing Hollywood technology and techniques into your next production. We are equipped to handle even the most challenging projects.

Now Shooting in 4k

We are passionate about film and we are passionate about picture! We have just added a stunning 4k Production camera to our arsenal of cameras and lenses; providing outstanding image quality and other benefits.

Post Production

We have excessive in house talent and an extensive list of creative professionals that we work with regularly. We have access to recording studios and engineers as well as our own post production suite for editing, colour grading and VFX.