A young man embarks on a search for his masculinity by becoming a bouncer. He meets Craig who has been doing it for years and it is all that he knows.

The two embark on a story of self-discovery in which they both uncover secrets about themselves; and the young bouncer soon realises there are many more elements to being a 'man' than he thought as their journey spirals out of control leading to murder.

‘Doorways’ is now a completed feature film adapted from the stage play, which is now on the festival circuit having been submitted to Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals.

It traces the relationship between two bouncers, Craig having done it his whole life and the other younger man Simon who is turning up for his first night.

The two men develop a friendship that explores various themes about what friendship is; and that only you can change the course of your life as the story spirals out of control as Craig’s past catches up with him and he descends into his own private hell as Simon learns there are many more facets to being a man than he ever thought possible.

‘Doorways’ was made by a group of driven filmmakers who have never been to film school, who had no experience or money behind them. It was made for £9,000 and they taught themselves all they needed to know as they followed their dream and passion on this life changing journey. They did not adhere to any rules; the only thing driving them forward was there love for cinema.