2013 Р93 mins

SIMON feels lost in his life, he is not sure which way to take his life or what he stands for in an ever more complex and evolving society. He is on a voyage of self discovery as he tries to discover and define his masculinity by becoming a pub ‘bouncer’ . he throws himself in at the deep end as he ends up being guided by CRAIG who has been doing it his whole life and takes SIMON under his wing.

SIMON soon realises that there are many more facets to being a ‘man’ as he discovers more about the myth of ‘masculinity’ as he witnesses CRAIG’s unravelling and fall from grace.
As he uncovers answers to the questions he was seeking out about his own life, he also tries to uncover the secret CRAIG is hiding, before it drags them into a spiral of self destructive behaviour that could have ever lasting consequences for both of them.

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